Cheaper every day!


The price of clothes in our shops depends on its weight. The price starts from 45 EUR per 1 kg on the day of arrival.


After that, the price goes down every day. The collection of clothes is completely renewed twice a month – on the 1st and 16th date of each month. It means that the discount can go up no less than 70-75% of its starting price!


Some of our customers come to the Kilomax shops on the day of the new collection’s arrival to get something original and trendy. Other customers come later in the week to get their new clothes cheaper and, therefore, buy something for each family member. However, there is an opportunity for everyone everyday to find something special!


Twice a month, on 8th and 23rd of each month the collection is restocked in every shop.


Our advice to you – if you saw something you want – buy it – because every article is unique and it is a pity if someone buys it instead of you.


Shopping in Kilomax – safe, cheap and original!